The Tree Care Company is dedicated to ensuring the health of trees and their environment in which they grow. This may mean the removal of dead or unhealthy trees which are negatively impacting on other plants and trees or that present a safety risk. Or, conversely, improving the health and well being of trees to ensure that they develop in the best way possible within their surroundings.

We provide a comprehensive service and offer free advice to guide you and help ensure that the best solutions are applied. Every situation is different and below is a list of the core services that we offer however, if what you are looking for is not there, please contact us as we would be delighted to assist.


Felling involves the removal of trees (from small trees up to large, awkward take downs) by chopping them down, using skill and judgement to ensure that minimal damage is caused to the surrounding areas. Whilst this may appear simple, each tree felling is different and requires calculations, preparation and exact execution to ensure that the tree falls where it should, when it should. Following the felling, we use our experience to dismantle the trees in the most efficient, safe and secure manner and leave the site completely clear of debris. There are a manner of options regarding the clearing of stumps. See stump removal.

FALLEN & DANGEROUS TREE - 24 hour emergency call out service.  Telephone:  01483 332300


Reduction can be seen as “making the tree smaller” where it may have for example grown too large in relation to its environment. It can also be viewed as an aesthetical issue. Carefully trimming appropriate branches, allows more light / space for the tree to grow in the manner it naturally should, which promotes best health of the tree. Every tree responds differently to reductions and therefore differing trees will require a specific approach such as various works being carried out at differing times of the year. Each species of tree requires differing techniques of reduction - details of which our trained and experienced staff are well conversed with. A tree reduction process can also be integral to the long term health of any tree. Our trained and qualified staff can tailor a tree specific maintenance program where required. A tree reduction process may incorporate most of the following; dead wooding, Thinning and Pruning, Lifting etc.


As the name suggests, this is the practice of shaping a tree to ensure that the tree in question not only looks attractive but promotes the best health for future growth. It is similar to a reduction however most tree reshaping processes are undertaken to provide a better overall aesthetic. In some instances reshaping techniques can be employed when a tree becomes "unbalanced" in its growth either aesthetically or structurally.

Reshaping would be carried out to ensure:

(a)  Health and safety of the tree e.g.   wind stress issues

(b)  Health and safety of the environment around the tree - to people, floral and fauna

(c) Promote long term health and growth of the tree

(d) Aesthetics


This involves the removal of lower branches of a tree for aesthetics and practicality. For examples, to provide a better vehicular access or to allow light to filter through. When trees are adjacent to the highway, lifting would be carried out to ensure that there was no obstruction and allowed adequate pedestrian or vehicular access. This practice is commonly known as roadside tree maintenance.


This involves the removal of Epichormic growths for some species of trees. However, selective pruning allows additional light through the tree without affecting the overall size and shape of the tree. This also helps to reduce wind stress to larger trees which may become susceptible to storm damage through high winds.


After a tree has been removed, often an unsightly or inconvenient tree stump remains. These can be removed with our specialist stump grinding machinery. The process of stump grinding involves grinding the stump down to just under ground level and the arising is generally collected and disposed of but can be left on site at the customer's request.


Tree pollarding is the removal of the whole crown of the tree, leaving just the trunk system. This practice promotes growth of a dense head of foliage and branches. This can only be carried out to certain species of tree. Different species require specific degrees of pollard treatment and our team is well experience in determining the best solution for individual trees. Pollarding is followed by a maintenance program in order to ensure long term health of the tree.


Coppacing involves the selective removal of trees to allow newer, healthy trees to shoot from the same existing root system. Coppacing allows light and moisture through to new areas and reduces the competition between trees of these natural resources. Coppacing typically takes place in areas of woodland. Every environment is different and our trained and qualified staff are well experienced in coppicing procedures and techniques and can advise when on site.


Dead wood removal is the process of removing deadwood from a tree to promote:

(a)  Health and safety of the local environment and people

(b)  Health and safety of the tree

(c) Aesthetics of the tree


The Tree Care Company is experienced in selection of hedges and trees for domestic and commercial environments and can supply specimens from whips all the way to mature Heavy Standards. We ensure that the correct procedures are followed to ensure that the tree is expertly planted, leading to healthy growth and are able to offer aftercare.


The Tree Care Company has teams of tree surgeons (arborists) working in domestic and commercial environments. Whilst located between Guildford and Woking, we operate in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire covering the towns of Woking, Guildford, Worplesdon, Dorking, Farnham, Aldershot, Weybridge, Cobham, Esher, Oxshot, Epsom, Leatherhead, Windsor, Reading, Bracknell, Camberley, Farnborough, Godalming, Haslemere, Petersfield, Wentworth, Hookheath and more.


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